I had the exciting opportunity to Intern at one of Snapchat’s top Mobile Journalism companies called Hashtag Our Stories. With over 6 million unique views per week across platforms, Hashtag Our Stories is nothing like the mainstream media. Their vertical videos are global, raw and intimate. More cameras, more perspectives and more truth. I worked alongside Co-Founder Yusuf Omar and other amazing employees from around the world.

My Duties As An Intern

As an Intern, I was in charge of managing and monitoring their Instagram and Facebook accounts, editing videos, finding voices for upcoming stories, creating social media content and more. I worked fully remote and participated in daily editorial meetings via skype where we discussed potential Snapchat story ideas and social media plans for the week. We also communicated and shared documents through Slack and Google Drive daily. I also had access to the Snapchat studio and was able to observe the analytics, see which stories did the best, and then aggregate similar content out onto their Instagram and Facebook. I utilized Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Luma Fusion, Adobe Spark, and other software to create and edit content.


I was in charge of editing videos, creating thumbnails, responding to comments and direct messages, recruiting voices for upcoming Snapchat videos, promoting content, and other social media management tasks. In my 9 weeks as an Intern, the videos on IGTV generated over 1 million views. Additionally, the videos on Snapchat generated over 6 million unique views per week. Here are just a few examples of content that I edited and posted to their Instagram.

Instagram Stories

We had segments on our Instagram story called #MojoMonday and #PitchingWednesday. On Monday’s we gave out our personal favorite tips and tricks to better other Mobile Journalists. On Wednesdays, we asked our audience for their opinion on various topics. My job was to plan out who would be on the Instagram story each week, edit everyone’s clips, and then post it to the story. I added gifs, captions, music, and comment boxes to encourage our audience to engage more. Here are just a few examples:




I also managed Hashtag Our Stories Facebook account and private Mobile Journalism group. My job was to upload videos, monitor and respond to comments/direct messages, approve members to the private group, and other social media management tasks. I also posted a weekly #MojoMonday video to the private Facebook group. The weekly segment was similar to the Instagram story but included #MOJO tips directly from Hashtag Our Stories YouTube channel. Also, here is a video that I assisted in editing through Adobe Premiere Pro. Yusuf ended up posting it to his personal profile.


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