Q&A With A Popular Influencer

Okay, okay, I’m sorry for the clickbait title but how else was I going to get you here?! My original plan was to do a Q&A with a successful Instagrammer but that failed miserably…

Here’s What Happened

Weeks ago, I reached out to a few of my favorite Instagram influencers and got zero responses. And believe me, I tried hard. If I were to have waved thousands of dollars in their face do you think they would have actually replied then? Sheesh. Also, I’m totally not going to put their names on blast but let’s just say people should learn how to be more humble. Anyway, here is an interview with myself answering all things Instagram. So…sit back, relax and enjoy laughing at my self-pity.

Why did you originally sign up on Instagram?

I signed up back in 2012 because my friend told me to. Back then, Instagram wasn’t as superficial as it is now. We could literally post whatever we wanted, get a total of five likes and not have a care in the world. Those were the good ol’ days. But yeah, I originally signed up to keep in touch with my friends and family.

How often do you check your account?

Sadly…too much. I’m not even sure why considering the fact that I have nothing to check half of the time. *cries while stuffing face with nondairy ice-cream*

What are your 3 favorite Instagram Influencers?

Well considering my top favorites blew me off for this Q&A, I’ll list the next in line. My three favorites are: Nikki Blackketter, Christian Guzman, and Christie Swadling

If someone is new to Instagram, how does she/he finds the right username? Artist name vs. real name.

Ehh I think you should use your real name. But it all depends on what you think is suitable for your page. 

How did you feel when you reached your first 1,000 followers? Did you ever think you would make it this far?

I was shocked and confused. I didn’t really know why that many people would follow me, but it’s really cool that they did. I am definitely not the most active Instagrammer ever but I am grateful for everyone who does follow me.

Is being an influencer a full-time job or is it more of a hobby for you?

It’s more of a hobby for me. I am not the type of person to post a new photo every single day. Sometimes, I’ll go a whole week without even posting. I mainly prefer to browse, talk to friends, and post whenever I feel like it. Maybe one day I’ll post more. For now, my life isn’t that exciting. *shrugs*

Do you think that influencers and their potential are underrated?

I definitely think that potential is underrated. I mean, look at me. Here I am writing a majority of my blog posts about Instagram, yet I’m nowhere near an expert at it.

Imagine if you did not have access to your account for a week: what impact would it have on your life and what would change in your daily routine?

It wouldn’t really impact my life that much. I’d probably be bored and have a lot more free time. But I definitely don’t need Instagram in order to survive. 

Who is taking your pictures? Friends or photographers? How long does it take you to publish your content?

I take a lot of my own pictures but usually, my friends or my boyfriend take them for me. He’s totally gonna kill me for saying that btw. & it takes me probably 15-20 minutes to publish it depending on how long it takes to edit. Sometimes I’ll publish it days later. It depends.


Which apps do you use to edit your pictures?

I actually wrote about this in my previous blog post. But I mainly use FaceTune, VSCO, A Color Story, and Lightroom.

How many proposals do you receive from companies per month?

A few companies reach out to me per month but they all seem like scams. They always want me to purchase the product FIRST which is a huge red flag in my book. If a company wants to work with me, then they should send me products free of charge.

What was your favorite collaboration with a brand?

That’s a big negative ghost rider. I’ve collaborated with ZERO brands on my IG. So, if you want me to be my first, feel free to reach out and follow me 😉

Which brands have you always wanted to work with?

Tarte Cosmetics, Sugarbearhair, and whoever can hook me up with tickets and a cabana at Coachella. Yayyerrrr.

What tips would you give to Instagramers who would like to become influencers?

BE HUMBLE! Don’t ever get to a point to where you think that you’re too good to respond to someone. Also, don’t pay attention to hate comments. Lastly, be consistent. Maybe you’ll actually reach Instagram success unlike me. 



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