3 Ways To Capture Stunning Photos On An iPhone X

If you’re like me then you’re probably obsessed with Instagram. I mean, who isn’t? Actually, I know plenty of people who aren’t…but that’s beside the point. In my last blog posts, I talked about my two favorite cameras for capturing amazing Instagram photos. Whether it’s going on an adventure with The GoPro Hero 7 Black Edition or smoothing out your skin imperfections with The Canon G7X Mark II, the best way to make your Instagram stand out is by using a decent camera.

At this point, you’re probably wondering, “well who would want to blow hundreds of dollars on cameras just to take cool pictures?!“. Trust me, if I had the receipts I’d take them back in a heartbeat but let’s not judge my horrible financial decisions. *plays sad violin music*

The good news is, you don’t need a fancy camera in order to take Instagram worthy photos. You can easily do it right in the palm of your own hand. That’s right, with a smartphone. While there are many smartphones on the market with different photo taking capabilities, one in particular that I use for a majority of my Instagram photos is the iPhone X.

The good thing about using a smartphone is that you won’t look as crazy as you would if you were to pull out a chunky, embarrassing, long-lensed camera in public. I can tell you first hand, the weird stares are not worth it.

See, there are perks to not lugging around an actual camera. With that being said, here are 3 ways you can capture stunning photos on an iPhone X.

#1. Portrait Mode

Have you ever seen a photo with sort of a “blurred out” look in the background? If so, the person may have used portrait mode. First, open up the camera application. Then, swipe over until you see the word “portrait.” Once you’re there, you’ll notice five little spheres on your screen. These are the lighting options. As you swipe through, you can try out the different effects. My personal favorites are “natural light” and “contour light.” After you’ve selected the effect that you want, follow the on-screen prompts and then snap your photo. Here is one that I took in portrait mode.


#2. Panoramic Shots

I honestly love panoramics because it gives you more of a wide-angle shot. If you have a travel-themed Instagram, then you’ll love using the panoramic feature. First, open up the camera application. Then, swipe over until you see the word “pano.” Once you’re there, you’ll notice an arrow with a line across the screen. This is a guide for you to follow while taking the photo. Position your camera at a starting point and press the capture button. Slowly turn your phone from left to right while keeping your body still. Also, keep an eye on the guidelines to make sure you’re staying within range. Side note: you do not have to make your panoramic as long as the guideline. Just press the stop button whenever you’re done. Here is a breathtaking shot from a travel account on Instagram.

#3. Burst Mode

Have you ever had a friend take a picture of you, only to be disappointed 5 seconds later? You think to yourself, “ugh, my eyes were closed in that one.” Well, with burst mode, you can move around as much as you want because your camera will capture an endless amount of photos all within a few seconds. The best part? All you have to do is have someone hold their finger down while they’re taking your photo. So, strike a pose, or strike 50 poses. Take as many as you want because you can sift through all of the photos afterward and pick out your favorites.

What iPhone tips and tricks do you have? Share it in a comment down below.

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