The Easiest Way to Make Custom Fonts for Instagram

⤑ Have you ever stopped mid-scroll to admire a whimsical cursive caption or a trendy Instagram bio? Chances are, they probably used a font generator.

Font generators are one of the 𝐪𝐮𝐢𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐬𝐭 & 𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐢𝐞𝐬𝐭 ways to add a little personality to your brand!

All you have to do is type in your text, select generate, and then copy + paste it into your caption or bio! It’s that easy!

Here are ⑤ FREE font generators that I love to use:


What are some of your 𝕗𝕒𝕧𝕠𝕣𝕚𝕥𝕖 instagram secrets? Share it in a comment down below!

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The Best FREE App for Stunning Instagram Stories

Have you ever wanted to create professional and high-quality content for your social media platforms without having to fork out money to hire someone? Thanks to the Mojo app, you can.


A Little Backstory

I am an absolute nerd when it comes to social media. Aside from doing it for fun, I’ve worked professionally in the media realm for over two years. Along the way, I’ve discovered many tricks to building an online presence. One of my favorite secret weapons is the Mojo app.

When I first discovered Mojo, I used it as a way to promote my blog through my personal Instagram page. Let’s be real, in today’s digital world, it takes more than a few generic posts to get followers’ attention. And most users tap through stories aimlessly without actually absorbing anything.

I knew that if I wanted to stand out, I had to create something visually appealing and worth consuming. That’s when I started experimenting with Mojo.

Slowly but surely, I casually weaved my Mojo creations into my Instagram stories. Within the first week, my DMs were flooding with praise and the number one question that I kept receiving was, “how are you making these?!

About the App

Mojo is a free application that allows users to create professional animated content to use on various social media platforms. The app is free to download and is available for both iPhone and Android devices. It is also compatible with iPad and iPod touch.

How it Works:

  • Choose from and customize hundreds of animated templates.
  • Add media, text and personalize them to your liking.
  • Share the finished creation to any social platform.

Endless Options 

If you aren’t creative or tech-savvy, no problem. The app is easy to use and comes stocked with hundreds of preset templates to choose from. The best part? They’re all 100% customizable. From color schemes, animations, text sizes, layouts or music, the options are endless. Also, you don’t need to enter your email or make an account. Simply download Mojo and start creating your stories.

So, What’s the Catch?

Although the app is free and there are hundreds of templates to choose from, only about half are accessible to basic users. To unlock all of the features, you need the Mojo Pro subscription. You can either choose $9.99 for one month or $39.99 for one year. However, there is a free three-day trial if you prefer to test it out beforehand.

Is the app Worth it?

It’s no secret that videos and animation perform better than other digital content. Why do you think 81% of businesses use video in their marketing strategy? Here are a few more statistics to consider, according to Social Media Today:

  • 72% of people prefer to learn about a product or service through a video.
  • Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it through video.
  • 75% of users take action after viewing a brand’s video.
  • 93% of businesses gain a new customer as a result of posting a video to social media.

All in all, Mojo gives your brand a polished and professional look. Whether you’re a foodie, fashionista, marketing professional, or business owner, the app is perfect for anyone looking to step up their social media game and design double-tap worthy content.

What is your favorite social media secret? Post it in a comment down below.

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Hundreds of Homeless Animals May Not Get Adopted Because of COVID-19

By: Becca Demski

LAKELAND, FL — Due to COVID-19, the Humane Society of Tampa Bay has canceled Furry Friday with Katie Sommers. The adoption event was scheduled for June 5, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and had anticipated to draw hundreds of people.

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 9.50.54 PM
Instagram: @Katieradio1

The official announcement of cancellation happened Wednesday, May 1, 2020, at 12:38 p.m. through the Humane Society of Tampa Bay’s event Facebook page. After continual monitoring of COVID-19’s development and taking into account factors such as potential risks to health and safety, the Humane Society of Tampa Bay chose to postpone the event to a later undisclosed date.

Furry Friday takes place quarterly, and is broadcast live with Katie Sommers, 93.3 FLZ Radio Personality, to help promote pet adoptions for $9.33. By doing so, the shelter is able to free up more space and save additional animals that come through their door.

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 9.49.53 PM
Instagram: @Katieradio1

Despite the cancellation, Sommers will continue to post weekly #FurryFriday promotional pet posts through her Instagram page, live show and other social media outlets. However, the $9.33 adoption fee is only valid on those designated dates.

Maria Matlack, Event Marketing and PR manager of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, says that although the event is no longer happening, people are still able to come to the shelter and adopt a pet.

“The pandemic has actually increased the number of adoptions. We are very busy,” Matlack said. “But it is kitten season and we have over 400 kittens in our care that need homes.”

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay relies on grants and individual donations to help fulfill its mission to end animal homelessness and provide care and comfort for companion animals. Matlack urges potential pet parents to consider adoption because of its lifesaving impact.

In 2019, the shelter received over 4,231 owner surrenders, 3,903 strays, 1,743 local transfers and 4 wildlife into their facility. With that, 93% of the local animals found homes. Their goal for 2020 is to save and provide homes for over 9,800 animals.

Photo credit:

For the most up to date information on the event’s cancellation or other inquiries, please visit You can also follow the Humane Society of Tampa Bay on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


This Couple is 3D Printing Masks For Workers During COVID-19…From Home!

By: Becca Demski

LAKELAND– Thousands of frontline workers are protected thanks to the help of a Virginia couple that produces 3-D printed masks in the best social distancing way ever. From the comfort of their own home.

After seeing the N95 shortage affecting the nation’s essential workers, Aniqa Miles and her husband James decided to create 3-D printed face masks and face shields to keep people safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Aniqa Miles, 29, first noticed the demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) while she scrolled on Instagram. A friend of Miles, who works in an ER, posted photos wearing a homemade cloth mask to protect herself from patients with COVID-19. Miles and her husband, who both have experience with 3-D printed medical materials, reached out immediately and offered to make a mask.

“She had been reusing the same mask for weeks,” Miles said. “A mask that should normally be disposed of immediately after each patient. This was a problem. A very big one.”

Miles also says that her initial inspiration came from the Montana Mask, a highly effective filtration mask, which can be sanitized and reused. The makers of the Montana Mask also provide a free 3-D print on their website for anyone to produce.

“We immediately hopped on the bandwagon,” Miles said. “One N95 mask can be cut up into six pieces and placed into our 3-D printed masks as changeable filters. By doing this, it extends the life of what would have been only one singular mask.”

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, a National Pulse Survey reported that the most significant challenge throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has been the lack of PPE in hospitals. The shortage has not only caused extended waits for test results but also limited hospitals’ ability to keep track of the health of patients and staff.

After printing and sending out the first mask, Miles and her husband quickly gained momentum on social media.

“As soon as I posted an image of the mask, I was overwhelmed with messages from other friends and family members that needed masks too,” Miles said. “The stories were just incredibly sad…I definitely felt a heavy burden to do something about this.”

Since April, Miles and her husband have created and shipped over 1,300 masks. And the number is growing by the day. They also started a fundraiser, recruited more helpers and installed more printers, which will speed up the production process.

“It makes me very emotional, but there is no time for crying,” Miles said. “We’ve got to help providers do their job safely. They can only save lives if they’re healthy.”

For more information on how to request PPE or donate to the cause, follow Aniqa Miles on Instagram and Facebook, or visit


Social Media May Have an Affect on Your Mental Health. Here’s why.

Throughout the past couple of decades, there has been a rising concern regarding the correlation between social media use and mental health issues. Although there is a connection between increased social media usage and an increase in mental instability in young adults, it is still uncertain why social media may be causing it. In order to understand the impact social media has on our minds, we must first explore the basics.

What is Social Media?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines social media as “forms of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (such as videos).” Some people also use social media as a way to network socially and professionally.

Overall, social media and technology have evolved throughout the years, which has changed the way in which we communicate. How many social media websites do you use each day? How many of those sites are listed below? Based on your own personal experience, what do you think make them so popular?

The Top 13 Most Popular Social Networking Sites and Apps of 2019

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. Instagram
  4. Ozone
  5. Weibo
  6. Twitter
  7. Reddit
  8. Pinterest
  10. Tumblr
  11. Flickr
  12. Google+
  13. LinkedIn
  14. VK
  15. Odnoklassniki

What is Mental Illness?

Mental illness is defined as “any broad range of medical conditions (such as major depression, schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder, or panic disorder) that are marked primarily by sufficient disorganization of personality, mind, or emotions to impair normal psychological functioning and case marked distress or disability and that are typically associated with a disruption in normal thinking, feeling, mood, behavior, interpersonal interactions, or daily functioning.”

The Cons of Social Media Use

Sure, social media has some benefits, but there are many negative effects as well. To start, users may become addicted to their devices which can cause eye strain, social withdrawal, or lack of sleep. Additionally, people tend to research their problems instead of reaching out for real help. As a result, the information found online is often inaccurate and people may become more stressed thinking there is no hope. Also, social media can cause a decrease in confidence and self-esteem. Platforms such as Instagram consist of scrolling through endless amounts of photos. In turn, a user may feel inadequate or negatively compare themselves to unrealistic photo-shopped images or to the rich lifestyles of celebrities.

Social media can also cause a disconnection from friends and family members. Before the internet, we could easily pick up the phone and call a family member. Nowadays, we already see what our family is doing and their whereabouts. Therefore, we may not feel the need to check in and see how a family member or friend is doing.

Know The Warning Signs

If you find yourself doing any of the following behaviors, you may be at risk for developing a social media addiction or social media-related mental illness.

  • Constantly checking social media platforms throughout the day
  • Keeping connections online through social media statuses/posts rather than on the phone or in person
  • Checking social media first thing in the morning and right before you sleep
  • Feelings of panic when going long hours without it
  • Getting upset if people don’t like and/or comment on your updates
  • Taking down posts that don’t draw a lot of reaction

Cold Hard Facts

The internet has 2.8 billion active users out of the 7.6 billion on Earth. Also, did you know that 88% of teens have seen someone be cruel to another person on a social media site?

The Dangers

85% of parents with teenage children ages 13-17 report that their child has a social networking profile. Not only that, but 29% of people have also reported being stalked or contacted by a stranger on social media. With that being said, there are many dangers. First of all, platforms like Twitter, Snap Chat, and Instagram very rarely censor sexual content, substance abuse, or other inappropriate behaviors (even though their terms and conditions imply so). On Twitter, users can easily look up pornographic videos from adult entertainer’s or see their favorite musician’s smoking, drinking, or using illegal drugs. Wiz Khalifa, famous rapper with over 30 million Twitter followers, is just one of many examples.

On the other hand, Snap Chat is known for the sending and receiving of photos with silly filters, right? Wrong. Many users are utilizing the platform to sell and promote their nude videos or photos. It’s known as “Snap Chat premium” and is a private monthly subscription for followers who wish to view explicit content from famous social media models and influencers. Last but not least, social media use ultimately causes a lack of productivity and increased multitasking which can result in unsafe driving.

Mental Illnesses Linked to Social Media

Depression can be caused by a feeling of failure. When it comes to social media, one may feel unable to meet the expectations presented by other users online. Hence, resulting in a feeling of low self-worth or unhappiness. Next, continuous distraction by platforms can lead to the inability to focus on a single task. Thus, leading to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Social media can also increase addiction, personality disorders, or eating disorders. Body and food conscious posts may cause heightened levels of stress and anxiety surrounding the “perfect body image.” Eating disorders can also stem as a result of cyber bullying and body shaming.

What Can Be Done?

Social media is not all bad. As with anything, it is all about moderation. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or being affected mentally by social media, reach out to someone. A few ways to improve your mental health is to substitute your social media time by participating in activities with family and friends who support and care about you in person. Put down your phone or device when you are with others. Next, set a firm boundary and don’t cross it. Luckily, most smart devices have an ability to set up screen time per day. Also, be aware of how long you’re spending online and always aim for lessening your duration each week. Last, stay away from content that looks dangerous, harmful, or triggering.

Helpful Resources

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention provides referrals to support groups, mental health professionals, and resources: 1-888-333-2377

The Suicide Prevention Lifeline connects callers to trained professionals: 1-800-273-8255

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America gives information regarding prevention and treatment options: 1-240-485-1001

Children and Adults with Attention-Defecit/Hyperactivity Disorder maintains information and referrals on ADHD, including support groups: 1-800-233-4050

The National Institute of Mental Health provides statistics and research: 1-866-615-6464

The National Domestic Violence Hotline supplies 24/7 crisis intervention, safety planning, and information on violence: 1-800-799-7233

To see my reflection or more about this project and what I learned, click here.

Q&A With A Popular Influencer

Okay, okay, I’m sorry for the clickbait title but how else was I going to get you here?! My original plan was to do a Q&A with a successful Instagrammer but that failed miserably…

Here’s What Happened

Weeks ago, I reached out to a few of my favorite Instagram influencers and got zero responses. And believe me, I tried hard. If I were to have waved thousands of dollars in their face do you think they would have actually replied then? Sheesh. Also, I’m totally not going to put their names on blast but let’s just say people should learn how to be more humble. Anyway, here is an interview with myself answering all things Instagram. So…sit back, relax and enjoy laughing at my self-pity.

Why did you originally sign up on Instagram?

I signed up back in 2012 because my friend told me to. Back then, Instagram wasn’t as superficial as it is now. We could literally post whatever we wanted, get a total of five likes and not have a care in the world. Those were the good ol’ days. But yeah, I originally signed up to keep in touch with my friends and family.

How often do you check your account?

Sadly…too much. I’m not even sure why considering the fact that I have nothing to check half of the time. *cries while stuffing face with nondairy ice-cream*

What are your 3 favorite Instagram Influencers?

Well considering my top favorites blew me off for this Q&A, I’ll list the next in line. My three favorites are: Nikki Blackketter, Christian Guzman, and Christie Swadling

If someone is new to Instagram, how does she/he finds the right username? Artist name vs. real name.

Ehh I think you should use your real name. But it all depends on what you think is suitable for your page. 

How did you feel when you reached your first 1,000 followers? Did you ever think you would make it this far?

I was shocked and confused. I didn’t really know why that many people would follow me, but it’s really cool that they did. I am definitely not the most active Instagrammer ever but I am grateful for everyone who does follow me.

Is being an influencer a full-time job or is it more of a hobby for you?

It’s more of a hobby for me. I am not the type of person to post a new photo every single day. Sometimes, I’ll go a whole week without even posting. I mainly prefer to browse, talk to friends, and post whenever I feel like it. Maybe one day I’ll post more. For now, my life isn’t that exciting. *shrugs*

Do you think that influencers and their potential are underrated?

I definitely think that potential is underrated. I mean, look at me. Here I am writing a majority of my blog posts about Instagram, yet I’m nowhere near an expert at it.

Imagine if you did not have access to your account for a week: what impact would it have on your life and what would change in your daily routine?

It wouldn’t really impact my life that much. I’d probably be bored and have a lot more free time. But I definitely don’t need Instagram in order to survive. 

Who is taking your pictures? Friends or photographers? How long does it take you to publish your content?

I take a lot of my own pictures but usually, my friends or my boyfriend take them for me. He’s totally gonna kill me for saying that btw. & it takes me probably 15-20 minutes to publish it depending on how long it takes to edit. Sometimes I’ll publish it days later. It depends.

Which apps do you use to edit your pictures?

I actually wrote about this in my previous blog post. But I mainly use FaceTune, VSCO, A Color Story, and Lightroom.

How many proposals do you receive from companies per month?

A few companies reach out to me per month but they all seem like scams. They always want me to purchase the product FIRST which is a huge red flag in my book. If a company wants to work with me, then they should send me products free of charge.

What was your favorite collaboration with a brand?

That’s a big negative ghost rider. I’ve collaborated with ZERO brands on my IG. So, if you want me to be my first, feel free to reach out and follow me 😉

Which brands have you always wanted to work with?

Tarte Cosmetics, Sugarbearhair, and whoever can hook me up with tickets and a cabana at Coachella. Yayyerrrr.

What tips would you give to Instagramers who would like to become influencers?

BE HUMBLE! Don’t ever get to a point to where you think that you’re too good to respond to someone. Also, don’t pay attention to hate comments. Lastly, be consistent. Maybe you’ll actually reach Instagram success unlike me.


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4 Photo Editing Apps You Need To Download ASAP

So you’ve just taken the perfect Instagram photo, now what? You need to edit them, duh! P.S., if you’re still using the filters already built into the Instagram app then you’re missing out. With that being said, here are a few of my favorite apps that I use to edit my Instagram photos.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, judge me all you want. I know you use it too. And if not, then you seriously should. Now, I know there are some people who get a little FaceTune crazy but if you use it in moderation, it can enhance your photos beyond belief. I personally like to use FaceTune for cropping my photo, brightening my surroundings, and bringing in more detail. And as long as you’re not catfishing people, then I think FaceTune is great. This is usually the first app that I open whenever I start the editing process. Check out this amazing before and after from their Instagram page:


This is a popular app that pretty much all influencers use. The main reason why I love it is that there are an endless amount of filters to choose from. Usually, once I’m finished editing in FaceTune, I’ll open up VSCO and start testing out different filters. Remember what I said earlier about NOT using the filters from Instagram? Yeah, use VSCO instead. They are a lot more unique than boring Instagram filters and nothing beats NOT having to use Valencia every single day.

A Color Story

If you don’t use A Color Story then what are you even doing with your life?! No, seriously. Usually, if I can’t find a filter on VSCO, I’ll hop on over to this app and browse through all of the insanely cute options. Keep in mind, some of the filter presets cost money, but for the most part, you can find a lot of free ones as well. So, whether you’re wanting your photos to look vintage, or you’re really just needing a pop of color, then this is definitely the app for you. I HIGHLY recommend checking out their Instagram page and looking through all of the endless options.


Soo normally Adobe programs cost money and require a monthly subscription, but Lightroom is now entirely free to use on mobile devices. AKA you need to download it ASAP because I can tell you first-hand that Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions are not cheap. While this app is a little bit more in depth to use than other apps, it will definitely give you a professional feel to your photos if that’s what you’re looking for. I personally like to use Lightroom to color correct or fix the exposure/shadows/contrast of my photos. For example, if I just took a picture that is too dark, I’ll throw it into Lightroom and tweak the brightness and other effects. Another great thing about Lightroom is that it allows you to create and customize your own presets. It can also turn an ordinary photo into something double-tap worthy. Check out this awesome tutorial from their Instagram page:

What are your favorite photo editing apps? Let me know in a comment.

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How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others On Social Media

Ahh, the superficial realm of social media. Don’t you love it? There’s nothing better than scrolling through Instagram and seeing millions of people with perfect lives. Meanwhile, you’re elbow deep in a bag of chips and simultaneously double-tapping a post about the benefits of green juice. I’m guilty of it. We’re all guilty of it. But the question is why. Why do we feel the need to portray such perfect, edited, and curated lives on social media? And what effect could this possibly be having on our mental health?

Here Comes The Self-Doubt

For me personally, I have been there and done that. There are times when I’m scrolling and I instantly feel my mood start to go down. The self-comparison begins to creep up and I start questioning myself.

Why can’t I travel to cool places?

Why am I not engaged yet?

Why isn’t my life perfect?

Self doubt is a tough thing to deal with especially when you see everyone around you doing amazing things in their lives. But the truth is, social media is not real life. And this is something that I’ve had to drill in my head for years.

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 4.21.32 PM
Source: @sprxeadpositivity

Stop Negative Thinking In Its Tracks

If you feel yourself beginning to fall into a negative black hole, remind yourself that Instagram and social media are just highlight reels. Sure, some people post depressing stuff, but for the most part, it’s nothing but curated perfection left and right. Remind yourself that people on Instagram have real issues and real problems just like you. They just don’t show it. I’m 10000% percent guilty of it, too. Of course I’m only going to post the good stuff. Why would I want to post about my problems for people who could probably care less about them anyway? The same thing goes for everyone else. Just because their problems aren’t visible, doesn’t mean that they don’t have them.

 Here’s What You Can Do

  • Cut your screen time. If you have an iPhone, go into your settings and set up downtime. This setting allows you to customize which apps you can use, what time you can use them, and how long you can spend on your phone daily.
  • Get some fresh air. If I feel myself getting down, I immediately get outdoors and into the sunshine. Most people spend a lot of time indoors. I do, too. But Vitamin D is so important for our overall health and wellbeing. I also like to throw on some workout clothes and walk my dog for a good 20 or 30 minutes. Doing this allows me to combat any negative feelings that I may be having that day.
  • Exercise, exercise, exercise. I know the last thing that you want to do when you’re feeling down is exercise, but I promise it will make you feel 10 times better. I personally have found that working on my own health and fitness has helped me feel more confident in my own body instead of comparing it to others on social media.
  • Do something productive. If you’re spending more time focusing on other people’s lives instead of your own, then it’s no wonder why you’re feeling down. Get up and do something productive with your time. I like to blast music and clean my house or go out and run some errands. Perhaps you could work on a project or pick up a new hobby. Do something that will make you feel accomplished and happy with your own life. I can tell you first-hand that productivity always makes me feel a billion times better.
  • Focus on real relationships. Don’t get so caught up in the realm of social media that you forget to nurture your real-life relationships. Ask a friend out for lunch or go see a movie together. P.s. put the phones away when you hangout. Live in the moment and enjoy real socialization.
Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 4.24.07 PM
Source: @sprxeadpositivity

Perfection Isn’t Real

At the end of the day, no one is perfect. Remember to love yourself and love the life that you’re living. If you’re feeling down about where you’re at in life, use it as fuel to project yourself toward a life that you do want. Most importantly, protect your mental health and don’t get too caught up in social media.

What are some ways that you pull yourself out of negative comparison? Let me know in a comment.

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5 Ways To Get More Interaction On Instagram

Posting on Instagram is fun, but engaging with your friends and followers is just as important. Sure, you could post a photo, get a bunch of comments and just ignore it. But if you’re really trying to up your Instagram game, then you need to be more interactive with your audience. After all, what is the point in having a bunch of followers if you’re not staying engaged? On the other hand, maybe you’re somewhat new to the realm of Instagram and you aren’t raking in a ton of likes and comments. No problem. Here are a few ways that I get my followers to engage more.

1. Sharing Is Caring

Before I start blabbing about a bunch of ways to get engagement, you need to understand the good ol’ phrase “what goes around comes around.” In this case, it’s a little thing called digital karma. Don’t expect interaction on your content if you’re not interacting with others. With that being said, like other posts, comment on pictures, and give just as much as you receive. P.S. be authentic. “Spam liking” a bunch of photos is not going to get you anywhere.


2. Hashtags Are Your New BFF

If you’re not adding hashtags to your Instagram photos or stories then you’re seriously missing out. I can tell you first-hand that posts with hashtags perform a lot better than those without. You can also use up to 30 hashtags on a single post. However, avoid using hashtags that are irrelevant to what you’re posting about. People can see right through bad intentions or trying to shortcut your way to the top.


3. Add A Location

A great way to increase engagement is by adding a location to your posts. Some people don’t actually like to use this feature because the internet is a scary place. But what I like to do is post a photo or story with my location after I’ve already left there. That way, it saves me from creepy stalkers but also gives followers an idea of where I was at or what I was doing. Also, other people who search for that place will see your photo.

4. Tag, You’re It

When it comes to engagement, you need to expand your bubble. How does one do that, exactly? Through tagging others, of course. By doing this, your photo will show up on another page in their tagged section. I personally like to tag brands, places, or other relevant tags on my Instagram photo. Side note: avoid tagging irrelevant people or things. People will quickly get annoyed and lose trust in you.


5. Ask & You Shall Receive

One of the best ways to get your followers to interact is by posting on your Instagram story. A story tool that I love to use is called Questions. Whether I’m asking for an opinion, or I want my followers to ask me something, the questions tool is a great way to get people to share what they’re thinking. You can also share their responses on your story for everyone else to see.


6. Let Them Choose

Can’t decide what drink to order? Or are you not sure which shoes to wear? Let your followers decide. Instagram has a story tool called Poll. It’s similar to the Questions tool but in the form of a yes or no. I love it because it’s simple, to the point, and a fun way to let your followers interact with you. You can also customize the yes and no to something else more fitting if needed.


What are some ways that you gain interaction? Let me know in a comment!

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